Galaxy Note 5 Vs Galaxy Note Edge 2: Comparison

Everyone is waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. This is the new version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Both are not yet released in the market, but they have gained utmost popularity among the Samsung fanatics. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Galaxy Note 5 would have some specific features and specification. On the other hand, you can also expect a wide range of advanced features form Galaxy Note Edge 2.

When compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note Edge 2 would have some additional features. It is hoped that both will stand in the top most places in the market when compared to other versions of Samsung galaxy. In each and every year the Samsung has introduced a new version of the galaxy in the market and this is the main specialty of this Samsung Corporation.

Release Date

Most of the people are expecting for the release date of Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 will be released in early third quarter of the year 2015. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also not yet released in the market. You can expect the release date of this version at the end of the year 2015. But you have to keep your patience up to the nearing launch date of both devices.

Specification and Features

When it comes to the specification of Galaxy Note Edge 2, it would definitely lure everyone’s heart. While discussing about specification and features of this Samsung galaxy Note 5 it would have super amoled display with 600 +ppi. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 would have a big size display screen and this will afford more creativity to other manufacture process of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy series of Galaxy Note Edge 2 would contain curved display. The Galaxy Note Edge 2 would have snapdragon of 81X chipset along with quad core 3.X and +GHz. Additionally, this would have 16-core big and little Exynos chipset processor. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would have Octo-core processor at 2.9 GHz along with 64 bits of architecture. You can expect the memory capacity of this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 up to 4GB Ram memory.

You can anticipate this galaxy Note 5 would come with three variants that could depend on its internal storage space capacity that could be 64GB, 32 GB, and 16 GB. The memory capacity of Galaxy Note Edge 2 is going to be 4 GB RAM with the resolution of 4k 2 edge displays. The special feature of this Galaxy Note Edge 2 would be the retina scanner and touch ID.

The design of this device is going to be very slim than Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It also would have a camera sensor which range is 27 MP with rotary system. This Galaxy Note 5 would have both the retina scanner and finger print type of scanner. Also Galaxy Note 5 would contain sensor camera of 4k recording and f2.0 Aperture with 18 mega pixels.

The main specialty of this Galaxy Note 5 would be selfie camera and security mode. The security mode is majorly assisted to provide protection and security to your data. The Samsung Galaxy would have a saver mode of battery with longer life.

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